Complete HRM Solution

VLINK HRM simplifies HR processes not only for employees but for Managers as well. It is a great tool for making employees satisfied by ensuring correct records are kept and therefore a more reliable report on their performance of their activities can be generated.


A complete HR software centralizes all employee data in one place. Usually it stores all employee documents digitally. It can also provide a detailed analysis report of any employee.


Management needs HR software primarily to track attendance. It is beyond question how tedious a manual attendance system can be. Whereas an integrated HR software assures the best Attendance Monitoring recording. An office can have a digital attendance system instead of the traditional one.


Vlink HR can be structured to follow the starting and Appling leave application. A leave and holiday calendar is also included into the software.


Employees work for their salary. It ensures the employees that their salary is calculated correctly. It reduces the workload for the managers with salary One-click salary generation process and various types of reports


Admin can build employee’s schedules in a minute.
Multiple shifts can be set.
Shift management can reduce the absenteeism, late arrivals etc.
An admin can easily maintain company’s shift easily through Vlink HR Software.

V-link HR, Attendance & Payroll Software in Bangladesh V-link HR One of the leading HRM software for garments and Other manufacturing industries in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

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