What is a Hotel Property Management System (PMS) and Why Use Vlink Hotel PMS

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September 16, 2021
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June 22, 2022

A hotel Property Management Software (PMS) is a centralized application for front and back office employees to perform regular daily operations and transactions related to rooms & guests management, and much more.

Once implemented, the PMS is your hotel’s core operating system. Currently, hotel PMS are used by all kinds of properties, including big hotel chains, hostels, vacation rentals, and more.

The most important functions of a PMS include:

  • Front-desk operations: to check in/out guests
  • Reservations management from multiple sources: OTA portals, GDS, and direct with the website booking engine
  • Housekeeping and maintenance management: tracking rooms that need cleaning, schedule room prep, etc.
  • Rate and occupancy management
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Data analytics and reporting

With a Vlink hotel PMS, it becomes easier to streamline operations for the staff. It also allows you to offer improved guest services during check-in and check-out. Along with proper integrations, a Vlink hotel PMS is the perfect choice to modify existing reservations, manage inventory, and perform other functions.

A hotel PMS also allows hoteliers get a better grasp of the real-time demand and performance of hotel operations, which is crucial.

Taken separately, all of these tasks can be time-consuming and laborious. Hence, the objective of a cloud-based PMS is to save a good amount of time and give access to a centralized system.

Why do you Need a Hotel Property Management System (PMS)?

Improved efficiency

A good property management system will allow hotel staff to do away with paperwork and perform important tasks more efficiently.

With next-gen PMS software, capabilities have reached beyond core functions, such as reservations, room inventory, housekeeping, etc. These days, you can use a PMS to create room attendant sheets, schedule maintenance, manage conference rooms, etc.

Better Integrations

When it comes to integrations, PMS systems have significantly advanced. With open APIs, it has been possible for software developers, tech startups, and established corporations to build innovative platforms for hoteliers. Some useful integrations for PMS software include payment gateways, point-of-sale systems, channel managers, accounting systems, and more.

Real time Advantage

Since PMS systems allow hoteliers to coordinate payments, availability, reporting, and reservations in a central point-of-sale, it becomes easier to gather and analyze real-time performance and demand of operations.

Main Advantages of Using a Vlink Hotel PMS

  • Long-term time saving – less manual work to manage rate, bookings, etc.
  • Task automation – from emailing your guests automatically to updating rates on your website in real-time, there’s lots of options.
  • Mobility – You can make bookings and complete check-ins, etc. remotely, and for small properties owners who are always out and about – this is great!

Advantage of Vlink Cloud-based Hotel PMS

  • Minimized operational cost
  • Faster improvement to increase operational efficiency
  • Integration with third-party solutions
  • Secured customer and confidential data.

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