Accounting And Inventory Software

All-in-one retail platform

Vlink POS includes everything you need to effectively run and grow your retail business. Sell in-store, at retail events, pop-up stores . With all sales channels in one POS software, Vlink POS manages all aspects of your retail business.

Fully customizable

Vlink POS lets you customize product options, tax rules, receipt content, categories, layout and much more. Its works around your setup, not the other way around. Vlink POS Specialized in Cloth Shop, Furniture Shop, Mobile Shop, Grocery Shop, And Bakery Shop.

Vlink Accounts and Inventory POS Software

Designed for your Clothing store POS While exciting and ultimately rewarding, running a clothing boutique comes with its fair share of challenges. From navigating the latest fashion trends straight from the catwalk to managing your online and in-store presence, running a boutique isn’t easy. That’s why we at Vlink POS have curated our clothing store POS experience for the burgeoning fashion boutique in mind. From our easy to use interface to an endless supply of features, we offer a system that’s as impressive as the clothes in your display.

Grow your Business With Our Account and inventory Software


Grow your Business With Our Account and inventory Software

Vlink Accounting and Inventory Software is smart and comprehensive business account management application that safely maintain daily basis transaction or business records.

Our goal was to develop a user-friendly Accounting and Inventory software for non-accounting person and experienced person. vlink online Accounts and Inventory solution help you to manage your accounts and inventory. It is ideal for mid-sized companies dealing with inventory, general trading or contracting.

It is affordable, intuitive, easy to use and robust.

There are several modules by which you can manage

Real-time stock control with online inventory software

Today’s businesses face many challenges with inventory management, such as too much or too little stock, the accuracy of records, multiple inventory sites, and different units of measure. Our online inventory management system makes tracking, valuing, and managing your stock easier, maintaining accuracy every step of the way.

Realize the benefits of inventory management software

Get a clear understanding of stock levels, optimize inventory management tasks, and enhance customer satisfaction through efficient time-saving measures.

Ensure timely fulfillment of customer orders, every time.

Ineffective inventory management can lead to detrimental outcomes such as stockouts, missed sales opportunities, and disgruntled customers. Our inventory software serves as a solution to these challenges by offering immediate access to crucial insights into stock levels, customer information, and shipping details. With this valuable data at your fingertips, you can efficiently and precisely process customer orders, ensuring their fulfillment in a timely manner. By leveraging our inventory software, you can mitigate the risks associated with poor inventory record-keeping and elevate your operational efficiency to deliver exceptional service and satisfaction to your customers.

Manage stock levels with ease

Effortlessly managing stock levels is essential for businesses striving to strike a balance between avoiding stock-outs and minimizing excess inventory. Leveraging online inventory software empowers you to analyze live inventory data, enabling you to achieve your sales targets while maximizing the value of your stock.

Attain a comprehensive understanding of your inventory.

 Enhanced knowledge and control of your inventory can revolutionize your business operations. By harnessing more accurate forecasts and automating repetitive processes, you’ll liberate valuable time and capital to invest in critical areas. With immediate access to real-time data precisely when and where you need it, you’ll be empowered to make informed decisions at every juncture of your supply chain, fostering efficiency and driving profitability to new heights.

Inventory management software key features

Real-time visibility

Access real-time stock data to ensure you always have a clear understanding of your inventory status.


Achieve end-to-end visibility and significantly reduce the time spent on inventory tracking.

Tracking and monitoring

Access a holistic perspective spanning locations, products, and statuses for seamless integration of real-time inventory management with order management systems.


Use data and analytics to accurately predict future demand for your products or services.


Get meaningful inventory reports to make better business decisions.


Expand your inventory management capabilities or develop custom integrations effortlessly with our Web Service APIs.